Dawn & Tho | Fort Worth, Texas Wedding Photos

Congratulations to these two on a beautiful wedding day! Dawn and Tho met when they were students at Harvard so it’s no surprise that they chose to donate to one of favorites Room to Read, an organization that believes world change starts with educated children. ⁣

Okay but seriously - Harvard?? I think I became smarter just hanging out with these two. I may have been a little intimidated by their intellect at first, but it was almost immediately apparent upon meeting them for the first time that their combined dominant personality trait was actually kindness. As a wedding photographer, I try to make sure my brides are taken care of in every way, but in this instance I was actually touched to see the roles reversing as they strived to take care of me! I just sincerely loved working with them every step of the way and it might be corny to say, but I actually found myself truly sad to see them leaving to start their new lives in Pennsylvania.

These Fort Worth, Texas Wedding Photos will go down in GIVE history as some of my all-time favorites ever taken. So much joy, so much tenderness, and so much GOLDEN LIGHT! I'll be forever swooning. ⁣ Photography: Josie Gamett | Venue: Holy Family Retreat Center, St. Rita Catholic Church, and Pappadeaux Fort Worth


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