Hi, I'm Josie.

And I'm the voice behind Give: Photography for Change. I live in the great state of Texas with my too-good-for-me husband Matt and my beautiful and wild toddler Ellie. I love travel, but I also love home. I love long walks in a new city. Apples and peanut butter. Chips and guac. Self-help books and Parks and Rec. Finding where the light peaks through the trees. My daughter's curls. Spending too much money on trash/treasures at garage sales. Seeking God and truth in unexpected places. I also love people most sincerely when I'm taking their picture. And I like authentic moments best. ​

I started taking photos seriously to document the scenery and faces of loved ones on a camping road trip across the Pacific Northwest. I realized then that my camera is a tool for joy. I can notice the joy in my life through the eye of my camera as well as spread joy to others by capturing their happiest moments and relationships. And so I was hooked.


I realized then the power and potential that I had with my photography hobby. And so, by beginning to charge for my services and donating a portion of my proceeds to refugees, I started a fundraiser. And God blessed my work. During this time, however, I kept my charitable goals mostly private, and my passion towards photography started to wane. One day, as I was making the long drive home from a session, it hit me with intensity that I was not being true to my original purpose. Somewhere in between the contracts, the proposals, and the glare of my computer screen, charity had been lost. And as a result, my business was not reaching its full potential for influence. 

I have since happily resolved to make giving the central aspect of my work in both my personal and public spheres as I continually work to serve, donate, educate, and inspire. 

My Story 

My first passion came in the form of serving others when I discovered that the only thing that truly filled my bucket was throwing myself into volunteer work. I put on my first charitable race as an ambitious high school girl ultimately trying to boost my college resume to someday make it rich. But once college came, my big money-making aspirations fizzled as I realized that the only thing I really wanted out of life had something to do with that race. 

7 years + an education + a husband and baby later, I found myself deeply involved with Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), a phenomenal NGO fighting to rescue children from sex trafficking. I once again got into the work of race planning, but this time it was while balancing a new passion: beautiful storytelling in the realm of photography. I swore it was just a hobby and that I would never charge for my services as I didn't think I could ever learn to be good enough, but when the refugee crisis hit, I knew I had to do something. As I was trying to determine how I could best help, I happened to visit the O.U.R. headquarters in Salt Lake for a brief tour. The COO who showed us around told me that people are always asking him how they can help trafficked children. The answer is that we all have something unique we can contribute, and only we know what that thing is. 

Meet Courtney

Hi, I’m Courtney! I’m a wedding and family photographer trained to shoot the Give Photography way. Now you can the same bright, sun-kissed, and colorful photography at a more affordable rate by booking with me. My couples and families will still be featured on the blog and social media, and will get the full "Giving," kind, and service-oriented experience.

I love capturing the little sweet and sacred moments shared by couples and families, and make sure that joy and emotion shows in the pictures I take! I’m great at making clients feel comfortable and like themselves, which makes for the BEST candid photos.

When I'm not shooting and editing pictures, you can find me watering my 7,293 plants at home, spending time with Josie at a hipster coffee shop (we're suckers for aesthetics), or cuddled up on the couch watching Frozen with my daughters (like we do daily #toddlermomlife).

Take a look at some of my recent work and reach out any time!

Why Give? 

Our hope is to use the gift of photography to fund, serve, and promote charities around the world. Our 15% donated may not be enough to create real change, but we believe in the potential of creating a culture of giving and generating excitement and education towards the act of giving back. Our vision is to help to create a world where every individual is using the means they have to help others in need. 

Like what we're doing? Follow give for more to come.

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